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How to create the Contact page?

The contact page is a page template in the Appland theme. So you must have to select the Contact page template from the Page Attributes meta-box.

Follow the following steps to create your full-featured contact page.

  • Navigate to Pages > Add New to create a new page
  • Select the Contact page template from the right-hand side’s Page Attributes meta-box.

  • Then navigate to Theme Settings > Contact Page to configure the contact page.

Note: In the contact form shortcode you have to add an additional attribute html_class with the value of  row m0 contact_form.  The full attribute with value is-  html_class="row m0 contact_form"

Contact Form Template:

Here is the contact form 7 template that we used in the Appland WordPress theme. Copy the full template code and paste it into your Contact Form.


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