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Change Logs

----- 1.7.1 (21 May 2019) -----
New: Typography Settings
New: Menu Settings
Tweak: Other Theme Settings
Tweak: Gutenberg compatibility
Fixed: MailChimp forms
----- 1.7.0 (07 May 2019) -----
Fixed: Menu item duplication and renaming issues
Fixed: PHP error at /inc/filter_actions.php on line 45
Fixed: Wishlisht page design
Fixed: The main Logo despairs on selecting 404 error page style 2
Fixed: Saasland Child (version 1.1.0) theme's style issues (applied css file dependency)
Fixed: Some section's style issues
Updated: ACF Pro 5.7.13 and Saasland Core 1.7
Updated: Demo contents
New: App 01, App 02 and Shop homepages
New: Alerts page (https://is.gd/2jbLbf)
New: 16 New Elementor Widgets (those are used in the new pages)
New: Features Pricing Table Elementor widget
New: FAQ custom post type and FAQ Tabs Elementor widget
Tweak: Product Single Page's style
Tweak: Menu Action Button show on mobile
Tweak: Speed performance (maintained dependency for all files)
Tweak: Column field added to Pricing Table Elementor widget
----- 1.6.0 (25 April 2019) -----
New: RTL
New: Theme's all PSD files included
New: 404 Error Settings
New: 404 Page's alternative style
New: Footer Typography Settings (Theme Settings > Footer Settings > Typography)
Tweak: Title HTML tag and color changing fields are added to some Elementor widgets
Updated: WooCommerce outdated templates
Updated: Demo contents (made it lighter)
Updated: Language files
Fixed: Mega Menu php errors
Fixed: Counter widget counting function
Fixed: The Elementor's "Argument #2 is not an array" error
----- 1.5.0 (23 April 2019) -----
New: Gutenberg Compatibility
New: WPML integrated
New: Blog Grid Masonry page
New: Home Company
Tweak: Title HTML tag and some color changing fields are added to Elementor widgets
Updated: Demo Contents
----- 1.4.0 (11 April 2019) -----
Fixed: Header Sticky settings
Fixed: Error on activating the theme (v_1.3.0)
Fixed: Subscribe Form widget MailChimp integration
Fixed: Mini Cart responsive issue
Updated: WooCommerce outdated template
New: Search Form icon on the header (Theme Settings > Header Settings)
New: Header Top Settings (Theme Settings > Header Settings > Header Top)
New: Image Pre-loader option added to Theme Settings > Preloader Settings
New: Shop excluded demo
Tweak: Mini Cart visibility settings moved to Theme Settings > Header Settings
----- 1.3.0 (09 April 2019) -----
Tweak: Tweak Services & Features with Shapes section
Tweak: Hide Mini Cart on empty
Fixed: Mega Menu PHP errors and effect on other menu
Tweak: Some Elementor Widget settings
Tweak: Pre-loader Settings extended (Color, Typography field added)
New: Blog Grid Elementor widget
Updated: Demo Contents
----- 1.2.0 (04 April 2019) -----
New: Color Option (Theme Settings > Colors)
New: Mega Menu
New: Child Theme included
New: Custom Header post type
New: Custom Footer post type
New: Header Sticky Enable/Disable option
New: Footer Column choose option
Fixed: Some Theme Settings
Fixed: Features with Image (White) section's button color changing
Tweak: Deleted some unnecessary settings
Updated: Saasland Core plugin to 1.2 version
Updated: Language files (.pot)
Updated: Demo Contents
----- 1.1.0 (28 March 2019) -----
New: WooCommerce support support enabled
Updated: Language file (.pot file)
Updated: Demo Contents
Updated: Saasland Core plugin to 1.1
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