How to setup Wishlist correctly

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You have to install the WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin to enable the Wishlist feature in Chaoz theme. We integrated this plugin with Chaoz. You can install this plugin from Appearance > Install Plugins.

Follow the following steps to configure this plugin-

Complete the Setup Wizard: After activating the plugin you will automatically be redirected to a Setup Wizard. Complete this Wizard accordingly. The Wishlist page will be created after complete this Wizard.

Settings: Then you have to configure the plugin settings. Navigate to TI Wishlist > General Settings to go to the settings page. Select the following options from the Product page “Add to Wishlist” Button Setting-


Q: How to disable the wishlist feature on your website?

A: Navigate to Dashboard > Plugins. Then deactivate the ‘WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin’ plugin.


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