Removing Pre-built Demos

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Suppose you have imported a demo and now you want to remove it and try another one from a different demo, for example, architecture or construction. Because it is not recommended to import one demo on top of another as there might be a few overlaps with the global settings of the theme. Follow these simple steps to get a full guide: 

  • According to Muffly demo importation settings, when you will import a demo, the importer will import all the demos, including the inner pages. Here’s the main purpose of importing a specific demo is that the demo will be set as the homepage.
  • So, if you need to change the home demo to a different one, you can select or choose the page by following the below instructions.
    • Go to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Reading > A Static Page;

Sometimes, we remove all the imported pages except the required pages. If you need a particular page a few days later, how will you import this, when you already are using a demo and you’ve customized a lot on your website? 

There has an advantage that will help you to import a specific page anytime with the Muffly Theme. Please contact our support desk to get the template package.

Follow this video to check out how to import a page or section’s template on the Elementor;

And finally, if you want to remove all the contents from your site in one click, you can use the WP Reset Plugin;

Using Guides:

  • Go to the WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add new
  • Navigate to the search field and enter “WP Reset.”
  • Install and activate the plugin.
  • Go to the WordPress Dashboard > Tools > WP Reset
  • Firstly, type “reset” in the text box before you can click “Reset”.
  • A warning pop-up will appear, informing you again that this action is irreversible. 
  • If you’d like to proceed, click “Ok”. Once finished, you’ll be left with a clean install. 


Before resetting your website, please ensure that you’ve taken a database snapshot and stored it on your local storage. Also, you can create a backup using any third-party WordPress backup/restore plugin for future reference (recommended). 


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