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Make web site-wide Header changes from here.


Here you get the options to add light & dark variants of your logo. 

Logo light variant – From here you can upload your Main Logo & Retina Version of your logo. 

Logo dark variant – Here you can add a Sticky and Dark Logo & Retina Version of your dark logo.


From this Header menu, you can select your Header Menu Layout, Header Container Box style, Mini Cart toggle, & Select your preferred NAV Right option.

You can also add Menu and Sub Menu colors from here.

Header Sticky

From here you can toggle between Sticky Header & Sticky Header Mobile

You can also apply different colors to – Sticky Header Background Color, Sticky Header Text Color, & Sticky Header Hover Text Color from the Sticky Settings

You can also do the same for Sticky Sub Menu Settings

Header Mobile

From the Mobile menu initial resolution option, you can set the value for when the mobile menu begins to appear. 

After you’re done, make sure to hit ‘’Save Changes’’.


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