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There are many variations in the slider shortcodes. Here I’m going to describe all of those and you will see the slider example as an image.

Here are the explanations and instructions of some common shortcode attributes of the slider shortcodes.

cat_slug = Input the categories separated by the comma to the cat_slugs attribute value you want to show posts in the slider.

style= Which style you want to display for the slider. Input the value as “style_1”, “style_2″…

Slider 01

Slider shortcode is a nested shortcode. You will find this shortcode to Visual Composer shortcode element container box.

Shortcode: [pos_slider] [pos_slider_item caption=”” bg_img=”” button=”url:%|title:%|target:%”] [/pos_slider]

This slider located on the Demo on Homepage 01

Slider 02 (Post slider)

Style 01

I would recommend you to insert this slider shortcode to “Page top shortcodes” meta field (you will find this meta field into the “Page settings”) to display the slider without any issue.

Shortcode: [pos_post_slider cat_slugs=””]

Post Slider (style 01). This slider is located on the demo in Homepage 02


Style 02

Shortcode: [pos_post_slider style=”style_2″ cat_slugs=””]

Post slider layout style_02. Located on the demo on Homepage 04

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