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Adding New Portfolio

  • To add a new portfolio, go to Portfolios > Add New. 
  • Add Title and Description as per your requirement. 

Edit Existing Portfolio: 

  • To edit existing portfolio, navigate to Portfolios > All Portfolios
  • Click on the Edit button of the portfolio you want to edit.

Portfolio Settings

You can customize the Portfolio more from this section.

Banner Options: 

  • Select if you want to show or hide the banner
  • Add text color and shape image on the banner of the portfolio
  • Select if you want a gradient color background or image with overlay
  • Select background color on left and right

Portfolio Options: 

  • Select from the available layout options. There are three layout options to choose from. 
  • If you want to add any attribute to the portfolio, you can do that from this section as well. 

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