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In order to customize the Services section, navigate to the Service > Add New from the WordPress dashboard. 

Add New Service: 

To add specific service, fill in Title and Description to detail down the service section. You can also include different media in the description too. 

Edit Existing Service:

If you have imported any demo and what to edit the existing list of service, then do the following: 

  • Navigate to Services > All Services from the WordPress dashboard. 
  • From the list of All Services, click Edit on the service you want to edit

Apart from adding New Title and Description, you can add more information on the section by applying the following options. 

Service Options 

Scroll down to find the Service Options, where you will find additional options to customize the service section of your website. 

Featured Icon: From here, you can select the color of the Featured Icon on the service section. You can select the color of left and right and also add shadow to the featured icon. 

Header Option: 

The header option gives you the following options: 

  • Pick the Header Layout from the available three options – Box, Wide, Fullwidth 
  • Select Navbar Type as Classic Horizontal or Hamburger Overlay Menu
  • You can select if you want to show the Sticky Logo or not
  • Also you can change the Menu Color, Sticky Menu Color and Menu Item Active Color from here

Banner Option

You can bring the following changes from the Banner Options:

  • Show or hide the banner.
  • Text color of the banner.
  • Select the Shape Image by uploading the image of your preference.
  • Select if you want a Gradient Color background or Image with Overlay.
  • Also select the left and right background color of your header easily from this section. 

Page Settings: 

  • From the Page Settings option, you can add padding to the content and also select background color.

Action Button: 

From the Action Button you can select to customize the button or not. If you want to customize, you can edit color, font size, border radius, sticky functions and more. 


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