Required Plugins

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The following plugins are required/recommended for Saasland WordPress theme.

  1. Sasland Core*: This plugin is considered as the heart of Saasland. This is a must have plugin for Saasland. Custom posts, Elementor widgets, and some WordPress custom widgets are included in this plugin.
  2. Redux Framework*: Theme Settings is dependent on this plugin.
  3. Elementor*: All of the theme sections and pages are built with Elementor. You have to install this plugin to get SaasLand’s Elementor widgets.
  4. Advanced Custom Fields Pro*: This is also another required plugin for Saasland. All the page/post related settings (ex. Page Settings, Banner Settings, Portfolio Settings, Service Icon Settings etc) are dependent on this plugin.
  5. WooCommerce:  You must have to install this plugin for creating your Shop with Saasland. We integrated this plugin with our theme. You can skip installing this plugin if you don’t want Shop pages.
  6. WooCommerce Wishlist: With this plugin, users can keep their favorite/chosen products (WooCommerce products) on a separate page. That’s called the Wishlist page.
    WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin is the recommended plugin by the SaasLand theme author.
  7. Support Board: Support Board is a powerful chat and support solution to communicate with your users. Complete tickets system, chat, a dedicated membership system and much more. No coding skills required!  You can read the plugin documentation here.
    Dialogflow and Slack integrations cannot be done with the version of the plugin that’s included in Saasland theme. You will have to purchase a separate license if you want integration with Dialogflow or Slack.
  8. One Click Demo Import: You can import the demo contents with this plugin. You must have installed the other required plugins before trying to import the demo content.

Note: The * marked plugins are the required plugins for the theme, you have to install these plugins along with Saasland. And other plugins are recommended. You can get all of these plugins from Appearance > Install Plugins.


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