How to build your OnePage Landing Page with SaasLand?

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SaasLand is a multipurpose WordPress theme. For user convenience, we integrate one page theme with SaasLand theme. Users can use one page theme for their business or personal work. To build your OnePage landing page with SaasLand, you can follow our documentation.

How to define a CSS ID to link a Page Section with Menu Bar?

Ex; you want to link“Pricing”  Navigation with page “Pricing Table” section, like the following image.
Saasland - Pricing Chart

Here, Pricing Menu has already been added with the front page Pricing Section. Now let’s have a look at how to define a CSS ID for Menu Bar.

  • Go to your WP Dashboard
  • Navigate on Page Section and Click on All Page
  • Go through your pages and select the page you want to Customize and Define New CSS ID for Linking with Page Section.
  • Then click on Edit With Elementor like the following image
WordPress Dashboard > Pages > All Pages

Then Elementor will appear on your desktop skin. Please follow the image below.

Saasland - Elementor CSS ID

After selecting your section and writing CSS ID, just click on the UPDATE button from “Elementor”. After saving it, you will be done.

How to link the Page Section with a Specific Menu?
After creating a CSS ID, you have to link it with Menu Bar. After that, your Menu will be shown.

Please complete the following steps to link CSS ID with Menu Bar:

  • Go to your WP Dashboard
  • Navigate Appearance > Menus
  • Click On Custom Links >URL (write your CSS ID with #)
  • On the Link Text, write your Menu name (what you want to show on the Main Menu Bar)
  • Click Add to Menu
  • To do it easily, follow the image below.
WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Menus

After that, your menu will appear on the webpage. With the drag-n-drop feature, you can easily place the menu wherever you want.


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