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Saasland’s Premium Bundled Plugins

Saasland includes the following premium plugins: 

  • ACF Pro: ACF PRO includes extra fields & features to better develop websites including PHP Blocks, Repeatable Fields, Page Building tools, Media Galleries and Custom Options Pages
  • Slider Revolution: Slider Revolution allows you to create visually stunning websites by adding creative features to it. 
  • Supportboard: Support Board is a WordPress plugin that helps you automate your customers’ communication with artificial intelligence-driven bots and a chat system integrated with the most-used platforms. 
  • How to use Advanced Custom Fields PRO Plugin
  • How to use Contact Form 7 Plugin

Contact Form 7 plugin allows you to connect with your audience through your website easily. You can create a list of visitors, get subscribers list, get messages from visitors and more. Let’s have a look at how you can make the most of this plugin with Saasland. 

Using the Plugin

Once the plugin is installed you can explore the different options that come with Contact Form 7. In the following we will show few of the usage of the plugin. 

  • To access the Contact Form 7, navigate to the Contact option from the WordPress dashboard and click on the Contact Forms.
Contact form 7 - form builder


From the Form tab, you can create different templates by simply using the form tags. The given sample only consists of Name, Email, Subject, Message and a Send button. You can customize it even more by exploring the Form Tag Generator option button on top of the template area. 

Contact form 7 - form builder


From the mail option, you can configure the form even more. This tab will determine the destination of the form and the content of the email will have. With the mail tags, you can customize how the email will look like. 

  • The ‘To’ email address can be any valid email address.
  • The ‘From’ email address must be the one on the same domain as the form. 
  • The ‘Message Body’ you have the flexibility to customize the template. You can pick the available options such as [your-name][your-email][your-subject][your-message] mail tags to customize your email body even more.   
Contact form 7 - mail form


From this section, you can select the different messages that will be sent based on the situation. You can use the default messages or can customize it to any message you prefer. 

Contact form 7 - message settings

Adding the Contact Form to a Page

On top of every form you can find the shortcode for your contact form. By using the contact form you can add form to your page. In that case, you will have to use a Code Block or Text Block Element and copy paste the shortcode. 

How to use Elementor Plugin

Elementor Plugin will help you to customize and modify your website. The seamless drag and drop feature of the plugin makes web designing easier for newbies and pros alike. 

Using Elementor Plugin

Assuming you have successfully installed and activated the Elementor plugin, let’s have a look how you can get started with the plugin. 

  • Using Elementor is quite easy. You can get started with editing any editable pages by simply selecting the Edit with Elementor option.
  • To ensure you are abe to use all the features of the Elementor, just ensure you have completed the following steps:
    • Go to Elementor from the WordPress dashboard and select Settings
    • Toggle to the Advanced tab and change the Load Font Awesome 4 Support to Yes
Contact form 7 - advanced settings

It will enable you to use all the features of Elementor easily. Apart from that editing with Elementor is quite easy, check out the Elementor section of our documentation for details. 

How to use One Click Demo Import Plugin

With  the One Click Demo Import plugin you can easily import different demos of the theme. You can install the theme to get started just like any other theme and get started with it. There are no further changes required in the settings of the plugin. 

How to use Saasland Core Plugin

The Saasland Core Plugin is the heart and engine of this theme. Without this plugin, this theme will not have the full functionality. So it is a must to keep this plugin updated when the update is available for this plugin. 

How to use the Slider Revolution Plugin

Slider Revolution allows you to create visually stunning websites by adding creative features to it.

Using Slider Revolution Plugin 

For a detailed and up to date guidelines on the functionality we always recommend following the steps detailed by the plugin creator. You can find the details here

How to use the Support Board Plugin

The Support Board plugin will help you to manage the queries of your customers, create tickets, answer to their emails, create users who can attend the queries and so on. In the following, we will show how you can configure the basic functionality of the Support Board plugin. 

Using Support Board Plugin 


In the Tickets section, you can find out the tickets that are already issued to your support. Navigate through the different options to find out the tickets from specific categories.

Elementor page builder - settings dashboard


From the Users section you can create users to give support from your end. 

  • Give Username/Email that you want to use. 
  • In the Email section use a valid email address.
  • From the Password section, you can set a password for the users.
Elementor page builder - user settings
  • Once you have given the necessary information, click Save and your user will be created. 


Similar to adding users, you can add Agents in your support board as well. Give Username and Email to create a new Agent. 

  • Once you have given the necessary information, click Save and your Agent will be created. 


There are four different types of settings that you can configure from this section. General, Registration, Support Desk, Notifications and Chat. You can change these settings to have customization flexibility on your support board.


Elementor page builder -

Main Color: From the Main Color option, you can change the color and pick any color that complements your brand.    

Secondary Color: Similar to  the previous option, the Secondary Color option will give you the chance to customize the secondary color you want on the support. 

Disable Google Font: If you want to enable or disable the fonts that are provided by Google, you can do it from here. 

RTL: The Right to Left layout allows your customer to send messages belonging to different languages that start with a different orientation. If you want your support option to have that feature, you can enable or disable from here. 

Agent Text: If you want to display any text below the name of  the agent, you can do that from here easily. 

Authorization: Select whom you want to give the right to see the tickets. 

Sub Domains: If you have more than one website and use sub domains, enable this option to enjoy the same functionality across all domains. 

Privacy Message: If you have any information to communicate regarding the privacy policy or any other related messages, you can do it from this section easily. 

Delete All Tickets: Just as the name reads, if you want to delete all support tickets. This is the option to navigate to.


Users Engine: Select whether the users should access from WordPress or Supportboard by toggling  the available options from here. 

Fields: If you want to include additional Fields on the registration form of support, you can do it from this section, by including additional fields. 

Email Field: You can decide whether you want to keep the Email Field or not by enabling or disabling this option. 

User name Type: You have two choices to go with. You can pick either email or the user name to display in the User name type. 

Profile Image: From this option, you can pick if you want to give the users the option to choose if they want to display profile image or not. 

Support Desk

The Support Desk section allows you to control over generic settings such as the settings of the scroll box (if any). Whether you want to hide or show the timestamp or not, whether the visitors will have to log in or not etc. 


From the notifications settings, you can customize the following features: 

Agents Emails: You can decide if the agent will receive emails for every ticket or not. 

User Emails: Similar to agent emails, from here you can enable/disable if users will receive any email once the agent replies to the ticket or not. 

Push Notification: You can enable or disable the push notification settings from this option easily. 

Flash Notification: You can select if the Flash Notification will be available or not and what will be the text of the notification as well. 

Test Email: From the Test Email section you can send an email and test if it is functioning or not. 


From the chat option, you can set basic settings such as who will have the visibility of the chat, show/hide time stamp, sound, profile image,welcome message and so on. 

Along with  that you can customize the Header with all the options mentioned in the following: 

Along with that, you can customize if the Agent Avatars will be visible or not. Icon of the CHat Button, position and if you want the similar display all over your website or not. 

After navigating through these basic settings, you will have the Support plugin up and running. 

  • How to use WooCommerce Plugin

The WooCommerce plugin will make your life easy and enable you to create a seamless online shopping experience. 

Using WooCommerce

Once you have installed and activated the WooCommerce plugin, navigate through the following settings to get started with customizing your website with necessary WooCommerce features. 

Navigate to the WooCommerce > Settings option from the WordPress dashboard menu. 

WooCommerce - settings

From there you will have access to the following options. 

Store Address: From this option, you can add the address details of your store and create a detailed address. Ensure you input accurate and up to date information. 

WooCommerce - page settings

General Options

From the General Options you can pick Selling Location, Shipping Locations, Default Customer Location and Enable Tax calculation on your online shop. Navigate through the different options to configure the necessary settings. 


From the currency settings, you can select the currency, currency position, and separators within the numbers to make your shop look visually attractive. 

WooCommerce - Currency Options

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