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You can customize how the Blog Archive section will look from here. The customization options are mostly focused on colors. And you get to work on the following functionalities and their colors. Menu Item Color, Menu Item Color, Menu Item Border Color. Sticky Header Menu Item Color, Sticky Header Menu Item Hover/Active Color, Dropdown Menu Item Color,  Dropdown Menu Item Hover Color and Use Sticky Logo Only functions can be customized from this section. 

Title-bar Banner: You can customize the Title-bar banner by changing the Background Shape, Background Color, show or hide Bubbles, color of the Bubbles and more from this option. For uploading Background Shape,ensure the size of the images are appropriate. 

In addition to the above mentioned settings, you can also customize the following options. From the Blog Page Title, you can pick what the text should be on the title bar of your blog list page. You can also customize it further by adding and changing the Title Font Properties and customizing it further. 

Plus, if you want to select a layout of your blog, you can finalize it from the Blog Layout section of this option. You can also customize the Post Word Excerpt and select the amount of words that will be visible as the excerpt of the blog. You can also select the Read More text, show/hide Post Meta, Post Data and Post Category

Blog Single 

Title-bar Banner: From this section, you can customize how the Title-bar Banner will look for a single blog. You can pick the Overlay Color, Overlay Color Opacity, Height, Background Image and also customize the Category Font Properties to bring changes to the fonts.  

In addition to that you can customize the font properties for Title and Breadcrumb font properties. In addition to that, Social Share, Post Tag, Post Meta, Categories, Post Author Names, Comment Count Text, Post Date and Related Posts option of the blog. We recommend to show the social share, post tag categories on because it is helpful for the readability of the blog.  


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