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In the Footer section with the Theme Settings, you can customize the following: Footer Style, Font Colors, Background, Typography, Footer Bottom. In the following we will see how you can proceed with the available options. 

Footer Style: From the Footer Style option, you can choose from the available options of style. 

Footer Columns: Select the number of Columns you want to add in the footer section of your page. You can select up to four columns to be displayed on the Footer. 

Font Colors

From the footer Font Colors, you can select the color of the footer font and also pick Widget Title Color from here.


From the Background color section, you can upload Footer Background Image and change the color of Footer Top and Bottom Background Color to make your website visually appealing. 


The Typography section will give you flexibility to edit the text in the footer section. You can customize the Widget Title and Widget Content with different fonts, alignment and size.  

Footer Bottom 

In this section you can edit the Moving Objects in the footer section, add and edit the left and right content of the footer section as well. 


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