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Classic Menu 

Navigate to the Classic Menu option from the Menu option to customize the following options. You can change the Menu Typography, Thumbnail Mega Menu Typography, Menu Item Color and Active Hove Color very easily.  

In addition to that you can customize the Active/Hover Border Color, Menu Item Padding, Menu Item Margin easily from the classic menu section. 

Search & Cart Icons

In this section you can edit Icon Color,Text Color, Sticky Header Icon Color and Sticky Header Text Color

Sticky Menu Settings

With the Sticky Menu Settings, you can pick the Menu Color, Menu Active Color and Menu Active Border Color to make your website look creatively unique. 

Overlay Menu 

The Overlay Menu will allow you to customize the Menu Typography, Menu Active Color, Space Between and Overlay Color to make your Overlay Menu creatively different. 

Menu Bottom Contents

Title: You can put any text you want in the menu bottom contents. The title should reflect a call to action that will enthuse the leaders to take a call to action while they are at it. 

Social Links: From the Social Links option you can pick either Show/Hide the social link from the footer. 

Content: if you want to include any additional content, you can do it from this section by adding text, editing it, adding media and more. 

Mobile Menu

The Mobile Menu section will determine how the menu will look from a mobile device. In this section, you can customize the following elements. 

In the Mobile Menu section, you can change the Background Color, Menu Item Color, Menu Item Hover Color, Separator Color, hamburger Menu Icon Color, Sticky Header Hamburger Menu Icon Color.


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