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From the Preloader section, you can determine what the website shows as it loads the content of your website. You can customize the Preloader settings in the following ways: 

Pre-loader: From this section, you can enable or disable pre-loader option on our website. If you do not want to show any Preloader on your website, just disable the setting from here. 

Pre-loader Style: There are two pre-loader styles to pick from. Click on the drop down and select whether you want a Text Preloader or Image Preloader on your website. .

Pre-loader Text: If you want to use text in the pre-loader, you can select the text of the pre-loader from this section easily. Write your desired text and it will show in the preloader. We advise to keep it very short and subtle. 

Color: From the Color section, select the color you would prefer the text to have. By checking the transparent option, you can also make the text transparent. 

Shadow Color: With the Shadow Color option, you can decide if you want any shadow to be displayed behind the text. 

Loading Text: You will also have the flexibility to customize the loading text from here. Put the text you want here and it will be displayed on your website. 
Loading Text Typography: Customize further of the text with the Loading text Typography option to add variation to your text to make it visually standout in your website.


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