Droit button pro lets you place personalized buttons with different styles for your website.

Using Button Pro #

Make sure you have Button Pro widget enabled from your Dashboard > Droit Addons > Elements.  

Step 1 #

Let’s start by searching Button Pro from the left-hand side menu, and dragging the widget to your preferred section.

Step 2 #

From the Content option you can add the title, link, icon/image for your button.

Step 3 #

From the style tab you can customize your button with size, typography, position, color, button setting, and Icon. 

Live Copy & Paste #

You can follow all the steps above and create your button section, or if you’re interested in skipping some steps, you can visit Button Pro widget’s live demo page and simply copy one of three preset styles from the Live Copy button. And paste it in your preferred section.

Advanced Options #

In the advanced section of the widget, you will have the flexibility to add margin and padding to the widget. You can also modify the Z-index to customize the widget more.

You will also get the chance to edit and customize the following options: 

  • Motion Effects
  • Droit Effect
  • CSS Transform 
  • Background 
  • Border 
  • Positioning 
  • Responsive 
  • Attributes 
  • Custom CSS

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