Create compelling and highly customizable FAQ sections for your website.

Using FAQ Pro #

Make sure you have the FAQ Pro widget enabled from your Dashboard > Droit Addons > Elements.  

Step 1 #

Let’s start by searching FAQ Pro from the left-hand side menu, and dragging the widget to your preferred section.

Step 2 #

Start by adding a title, subtitle, and a short description to your FAQ Pro section.

Title widget by Droit Addons

Step 3 #

To add content to your FAQ section, simply click on the section itself, and a menu will appear on the left-hand side. 

Start by adding your title (Question) from here. 

Subtitle widget by Droit Addons

Step 4 #

Insert your answer to the question from the content option.

Title widget - Content menu

Step 5 #

Now do the same for as many questions and answers as you need to add to your FAQ section by duplicating any current column or add a new column and copy paste the layout to start working on a new question/answer.

Elementor column menu

Step 6 #

From the style section, you can add color, background, typography, padding, and margin to your title, subtitle, and FAQ section itself. 

Subtitle edit

Step 7 #

If you want to add some custom effects and style to your FAQ section, head over to the Advanced tab.

FAQ Advanced customization option

Live Copy & Paste #

You can follow all the steps above and create your FAQ section, or if you’re interested in skipping some steps, you can visit the FAQ Pro widget’s live demo page and simply copy one of two preset styles from the Live Copy button. And paste it in your preferred section.

FAQ widget live demo page
Elemnetor column menu

And that’s it. When you’re done, press “Publish” to save your changes.

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