Create informative line charts using this widget to display information in an informative chart block and customize it further to fit your website.

Using Line Chart  #

Step 1 #

Make sure you have the Line Chart widget enabled from your Dashboard > Droit Addons > Elements

Step 2 #

Let’s start by searching for the Line Chart widget from the left-hand side menu and drag the widget to your preferred location.

Step 3 #

From the Content drop-down tab, you can start adding labels in chronological order. By using ( , ) as a spacing separator, add your labels. For example, – January, February, March, April, May, June, etc. 

Step 4 #

You add more items/projects/products to your line chart by clicking on the “ADD ITEM” button. To edit each new item, just click on each item to access its drop-down menu. From here you can item label and data values. 

Your data values will define your line chart’s structure. Use ( , ) as a separator and start adding your values. For example, – 4,2,7,2,6,3, etc. 

Step 5 #

You can add different style options to each item. Just click on the tab next to the data set on each item. From here you can edit the following: dash border, background filling, border color, pointer color, pointer size, pointer type, and so much more. 

Step 6 #

From the Chart Settings drop-down, you can toggle between the grid’s both X and Y axes lines, labels, tooltips, and legend title. 

You also have the option to increase and decrease the size of both the X and Y axes scales and edit the legend title, position, and style. 

Step 7 #

You can further customize it by configuring different advanced and style settings options.

And that’s it. When you’re done, press “Publish” to save your changes.

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