Get connected with your visitors on a personal level with Contact Form. This simple but effective tool makes it easier for your visitor to communicate with you through your website.

Using Ninja Forms  #

Make sure you have the Ninja Form Widget enabled from your Dashboard > Droit Addons > Elements.  

Step 1 #

Let’s start by installing a contact plugin in WordPress. Head over to Dashboard > Plugin > Add New and Search for the contact form plugin of your preference. For this example I am installing Ninja Forms.

Ninja Forms selected from WordPress dashboard

And active the plugin.

Ninja Forms active button highlighted

Step 2 #

Now head over to Dashboard > Ninja Forms to configure it.

Ninja Forms configuration menu

Step 3 #

Delete the default contact form on Ninja Forms and click ‘’Add New’’.

Ninja Forms configuration menu

Here you will have to choose a type of contact form. For this example I am choosing ‘’contact us’’.

Ninja Forms configuration menu

Step 4 #

After that a simple contact form will be created. You can customize this form further. 

Ninja Forms contact me block

Step 5 #

Now to create a contact block, search the Ninja Forms widget from the left-hand side menu, and drag the widget to your preferred section.

Ninja Forms on Elementor page builder

Step 6 #

Now you can select the contact form you have just created from the Ninja plugins dashboard. And it will appear on your homescreen. 

Form selection tab for Ninja Forms on Elementor page builder

Step 7 #

To customize your contact field, head over to the style menu and field settings. From here you can add spacing, padding, border, typography, text color, placeholder text color, shadow and more. 

Ninja Forms field settings tab

Step 8 #

You can stylize your lebal from here.

Ninja Forms field label settings tab

And button from here. 

Ninja Forms button settings tab

Step 9 #

To check if your form is created perfectly or not, click on preview changes. 

Ninja Forms contact block


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