Post Slider Pro

Create custom slider blocks for your posts with ease. This tool allows you to create and manipulate Post Sliders like a pro.

Using Post Slider Pro  #

Make sure you have the Post Slider Pro widget enabled from your Dashboard > Droit Addons > Elements.  

Step 1 #

Let’s start by searching the Post Slider Pro widget from the left-hand side menu, and dragging the widget to your preferred section.

Post Slider Pro widget on Elementor page builder

Step 2 #

From query settings, you can configure how your slider will show posts. From here you can set the query by, select categories, order, etc.

Post Slider Pro query settings tab

Step 3  #

Now from the settings tab, you can control the post sliders slide show. From here you can make it vertical, horizontal, centered, add mouse hover, effects, enable/disable the slider, and more.

Slider settings tab for Post Slider Pro widget

Step 4 #

Rearrange your post content from the content ordering section.

Content ordering settings tab for Post Slider Pro widget

Step 5  #

You can add padding, alignment, background, content box-shadow, and more from the general style option. 

Post Slider Pro general style settings tab

Step 6 #

From the category style option, you can customize the category badge with background, typography, color, border, and more.

Post Slider Pro category style settings tab

Step 7 #

To customize the looks of your post title, meta, and description, head down to the content style section and start tweaking its typography, and margin.

Post Slider Pro content style settings tab

Step 8 #

From here you can customize your post button with background, color, second color, location, and more.

Post Slider Pro button settings tab

That’s it

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