Purchasing & Active Pro

  • To get your Droit Elementor Addons Pro, just simply head over to Droit Addons and click ‘’Buy Now’’. 
Droit Elementor Addons Hero Section
  • Or start by creating an account on account.droitthemes.com, and set up your profile. 
Sign Up on DroitThemes
  • Next, simply select the package you are interested in. DroitThemes offers 3 packages with both annual and lifetime licenses. 
Pricing Plan of Droit Elementor Addons
  • You will be directed to our checkout page. Please, enter your credentials. And proceed with your preferred payment option. DroitThemes currently accepts – PayPal, and Card services such as – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover.
Checkout page with payment method
  • Congratulations, you just purchased your Droit Elementor Addons Pro successfully. 

Pro Plugin Activation #

  • Start by downloading the required .ZIP file from the downloads option. 
Product download tab of Droit Elementor Addons
  • Head over to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload your Plugin and choose the file that you just downloaded from DroitThemes and hit Install Now. Wait a few seconds for the installation to finish and hit Active.  
Upload plugin from WordPress dashboard
Upload file manually
  • Now navigate back to my profile and click on license. And there you have it, your license key is waiting to be activated. 
Droit Elementor Addons product license tab
  • And if you have purchased our Premium or Ultimate plan, you can find an option showing ‘’Add Domain’’, from here you can get licenses for your domains. 
Product license tab
  • Now to activate your license key, simply head over to your Dashboard > Droit Addons > Activate License and Copy the license key and paste it here in the following field. Click the “Active License” button.
Active license droit addons
  • Congratulations, you have unlocked all the pro features of Droit Elementor Addons. 

Enable Addons #

  • So, you just activated your Droit Elementor Addons Pro. Now simply head down two tabs below to Elements and Modules.
  • Elements Tab – Here you will find all your Free and Pro Droit widgets. 
  • Now Just simply enable the widgets you need and hit the save settings button. 
  • Modules Tab – Same as before enable all the modules you need and hit the save settings button.

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