Create custom titles anywhere anytime with this handy widget and customize it to match your website.

Video Instruction #

Using Title #

Make sure you have the Title widget enabled from your Dashboard > Droit Addons > Elements.  

Step 1 #

Let’s start by searching the Title widget from the left-hand side menu, and dragging the widget to your preferred section.

Droit Title widget on Elementor page builder

Step 2 #

Now add your title content here.

Elementor Title edit menu

Step 3  #

To add your subtitle head down to the sub title option and add your content.

Elementor subtitle edit menu

Step 4  #

Now add your post description from the content option.

Droit Title widget content edit menu on Elementor

Step 5 #

To add style to your block, head over to the Style tab.

From the general settings, you can add typography, color, margin, padding to your title text.

Title widget style menu on Elementor

Step 6 #

To highlight a portion of your title text, head down to the highlighted text settings.

Title widget highlight text style menu on Elementor

Step 7  #

You can add typography, color, margin, background, padding to your subtitle from here.

Title widget's subtitle style menu on Elementor

Step 8 #

Stylize your block content from here. From here you can add background, typography, color, margin, padding, and alignment.

Title widget's content style menu on Elementor

Live Copy & Paste #

You can follow all the steps above and create your Title section, or if you’re interested in skipping some steps, you can visit Title widget’s live demo page and simply copy one of two preset styles from the Live Copy button. And paste it in your preferred section.

Droit Title widget live demo page
Elementor page builder's column edit menu

That’s it.

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