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Change Logs

----- (04 November 2019) -----
Fixed: Fontawesome icon issue in Elementor widgets by Saasland
Fixed: "Screen Features" widget color issue
Tweaked: "Pricing Table 02" Elementor widget (re-organized and added some fields for more controlling)
Tweaked: Deprecated the "Blog Grid" Elementor widget and improved the Blog Settings > Blog archive (Masonry layout added)
Tweaked: Optimized the theme performance (set file dependency and deleted unnecessary files)
Tweaked: "Features" Elementor widget
Tweaked: Theme Settings page
Tweaked: Some styling issues
----- 1.9.9 (25 October 2019) -----
New: Custom Font (now, user can add and apply unlimited custom fonts)
New: Support Board premium plugin included in the theme package.
New: Theme update notice (can be dismissed)
New: Post title length settings in Theme Settings
Tweaked: Demo import time reduced and re-organised
Tweaked: App Hero Elementor widget (unnecessary code deleted and other things fixed)
Tweaked: WooCommerce My Account page styling
Tweaked: Logo settings (now, the logo can be shown without uploading the retina logos)
Tweaked: 404 Error page settings
Tweaked: Screen Features Elementor widget (some color changing fields added)
Fixed: Pricing Table Tabs Carousel widget column issue
Fixed: Some CSS issues
----- 1.9.8 (18 October 2019) -----
Tweaked: Made the Domain Search Form dynamic
Tweaked: Agency Colorful page
New: Animation Settings in Theme Settings
New: Slug re-write settings in Theme Settings
Updated: Demo contents
----- 1.9.7 (16 October 2019) -----
Fixed: Blog excerpt settings
Tweaked: Screen Features widget (some color fields added)
Tweaked: Category filter option added to Blog widgets
Tweaked: rtl CSS
Tweaked: Menu depth label 4 support
New: Blog layout settings (Theme Settings > Blog Settings > Blog Archive)
New: Case Study page
New: Agency Colorful Homepage
----- 1.9.6 (09 October 2019) -----
Tweaked: Blog excerpt settings
Tweaked: Hero SEO Elementor widget (background objects and title tag change option added)
Tweaked: Serialized Features (hover stats style change options added)
Tweaked: Subscribe Elementor widget (Form styling fields added for style 02, 04 and 08)
Tweaked: Features (style 01) Elementor widget (background wave colors change options added)
Fixed: Some CSS issues
----- 1.9.5 (07 October 2019) -----
Tweaked: Default archive page removed from the Custom post types by Saasland
Fixed: Image Gallery Portfolio page
Fixed: Demo import issue
Tweaked: Loading performance
Updated: Demo contents
----- 1.9.4 (02 October 2019) -----
Tweaked: Filterable Portfolio (color fields)
Tweaked: Performance improved (total size of a page is reduced)
Tweaked: Some responsive issues
Fixed: Title-bar banner not showing on activating custom Header.
Fixed: Screen Features (Style 03) accordion multiple placements in a page
Fixed: Video Poster Image of Featured Video widget
Fixed: Portfolio Filter Color
----- 1.9.3 (18 September 2019) -----
Fixed: Hero POS owl carousel js not loading issue
New: Analytics Software and Support homepages
Updated: Demo contents
Updated: ACF Plugin
----- 1.9.2 (16 September 2019) -----
Fixed: Saasland Page Options
Fixed: Header Top settings
Fixed: Testimonial with Ratting widget subtitle field
----- 1.9.1 (11 September 2019) -----
Fixed: Split Homepage responsive issue
Fixed: Menu color settings
New: Overlay Menu settings (under Theme Settings > Menu Settings)
----- 1.9.0 (09 September 2019) -----
Updated: ACF plugin to Version 5.8.3
Updated: The "Outdated WooCommerce template files"
New: Split Homepage
New: Hamburger Menu (on Split Screen page)
Tweak: Floating image changing options added in the Elementor widgets
Tweak: CSS files optimized (unnecessary CSS code removed)
----- 1.8.7 (19 August 2019) -----
Tweak: Hosting Slider
Tweak: Processes widget (show dashed line for 5 process items)
Tweak: Removed some unused CSS code in order increase the loading speed
Fixed: Some responsive issues
Fixed: Sticky menu item color option
Fixed: Popup Search Form
Fixed: Checkout page's accept terms and condition checkbox
Fixed: Single blog post metaboxes (Banner show/hide, page options)
Fixed: Features Elementor Widget
Updated: Language files (Saasland theme and Saasland Core plugin)
----- 1.8.6 (06 August 2019) -----
Fixed: Service Icon
Fixed: Some PHP errors of Saasland Core plugin
Fixed: Fixed demo issue caused by the previous version
New: Revolution slider used in the Hosting demo
Updated: Demo Contents
Tweak: Order By option added to Filterable Portfolio
Tweak: Theme size reduced (moved the third party plugins to our server)
Tweak: Section padding responsive control added in Saasland Elementor Widgets
----- 1.8.5 (31 July 2019) -----
New: Three Homepage Demos (POS, Hosting, ERP)
Fixed: Theme update issue
Fixed: Default header template selection
Tweak: Mobile Menu
----- 1.8.4 (23 July 2019) -----
New: Post meta options added to Blog Settings
Tweak: Onepage demo's Elementor widgets
Tweak: Some Elementor Widgets
Tweak: Header top (separator color option added)
Tweak: Some SEO optimizations (removed blank anchor tags)
Updated: The language file (saasland.pot)
Fixed: Service and Job icon fields
----- 1.8.3 (18 July 2019) -----
Fixed: Saasland Core (1.8.2) plugin update
----- 1.8.2 (16 July 2019) -----
Fixed: Elementor template view page
Fixed: Video widget play button
Fixed: Disabling the sticky menu on RTL mode
Fixed: Not showing the Mega menu on logout mode
Fixed: Service post Icon field
Fixed: Menu on mobile device
Fixed: Some responsive issues
New: Elementor widget "Pricing Table Tabs with Carousel"
Updated: Language file (saasland.pot)
----- 1.8.1 (27 June 2019) -----
Fixed: Menu (Adding menu item, Open link in a new tab)
Tweak: OnePage demo design
Updated: Demo Contents
----- 1.8 (25 June 2019) -----
Tweak: "Processes" Elementor widget
Tweak: "Team" Elementor widget
Tweak: Gutenberg compatibility
Tweak: Theme Settings (Header Settings, Menu Settings)
Tweak: WooCommerce Account Page design
Fixed: "Navbar" Elementor widget not showing before get sticky
Fixed: "Slider" Elementor widget's background gradient color changing
Fixed: Quote post format view in Blog page.
New: OnePage Demo
New: OnePage navigation support
New: Breadcrumb show/hide option in Theme settings > Header Settings > Title-bar
Updated: Language file
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