Change Logs

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----- 3.1.9 (02 July 2020) -----

New: Custom URL field added to the Portfolio Page Settings.

Fixed: niceselect Js error on Domain Search Form

Fixed: Elementor Pro popup template not editable (if you are still facing the issue and running Elementor 2.9.9 or greater than version, rollback to the previous version by Navigating to Elementor > Tools > Version Control > Rollback Version. From there, select the 2.9.8 version and click on the reinstall button.)

Fixed: Blog Posts (style one) Elementor widget carousel not working issue

Fixed: Horizontal Tab Widget - Style Two - Tab Image Not Changing While Switch a Tab

Tweaked: Instagram field added to Social links widget

Tweaked: Icon changing options added to the Pricing Table Comparison Elementor Widget

Tweaked: Category and Lightbox Plus Icon show/hide controls- added to the Filterable Portfolio Elementor widget

Tweaked: Necessary padding, margin are added to the Group, Media & Text Gutenberg blocks

Tweaked: Agency colorful Homepage, Spilt Homepage, Time Tracking Software Homepage, Security Software, Demo landing page

Tweaked: Parallax option added to Hero Section Demo Landing for the featured images
----- 3.1.8 (18 June 2020) -----

Fixed: PHP critical error for the previous version

Tweaked: Unit test style
 ----- 3.1.7 (15 June 2020) -----

New: Make some Elementor widgets WPML compatible (Image Hotspots and Icon Boxes widgets)

Fixed: Full Image not showing on the left side panel in the Split Page template

Fixed: Preloader not showing in the Split Page template

Fixed: Shop categories Elementor widget's Category Show count

Fixed: Agency colorful page's call to action's background image not changing

Fixed: Some responsive issues (Serialized Features widget, Blog title-bar)

Fixed: Call to Action (style 08) button colors not changing

Fixed: App Hero "Style Title" controls not working after changing the Title tag

Fixed: Button colors of "Features with Image (White)" and "Integrations with Button" Elementor widgets

Tweaked: Circle Progress element now can be used in anywhere in the Split Page template

Tweaked: Colors and Typography fields are added to the Split page Elements
 ----- 3.1.6 (03 June 2020) -----

New: Height, Typography options are added to Theme Settings > Blog Pages > Blog Single

Fixed: WPML php error

Tweaked: Settings re-arranged in Theme Settings > Blog Pages ('Theme Settings > Blog Pages > Header' & 'Theme Settings > Blog Pages > Title-bar' moved to Theme Settings > Blog Pages > Blog Archive)

----- 3.1.5 (29 May 2020) -----

New: Related Posts Title Character Limit option added to Theme Settings > Blog Pages > Blog Single

Fixed: Split page header

Fixed: WPML php error

Fixed: Some responsive issues of Agency Color homepage

Fixed: Menu item URL not working on Mega-Menu Double Title mega menu

Fixed: FAQ single page PHP error

Fixed: Screen Features Widget- Style Three | Image Icon Padding Issue

Fixed: Custom Header - Nav center alignment - Border bottom saltation issue

Tweaked: Code structure (all Elementor widgets are put in a array in register_widgets() function in Saasland Core plugin)

Tweaked: Now, the Pricing Table Tabs widget can be placed more than one
----- 3.1.4 (22 May 2020) -----
Tweaked: Product Single Page (zoom icon alignment, product tags style)
Tweaked: WooCommerce subscription product type Purchase button, quantity input field style improved, recurring payment display issue fixed on checkout page
Fixed: Product Single Page (star ratting overflow issue, WooCommerce subscription product price alignment)
New: Make some Elementor widgets WPML compatible (Alert, App Info, Tabs Horizontal, Call to Action, Features, App Hero, Hero (Parallax Images), Pricing Table, Products (Grid View), Screen Features, Single info with icon, Single Video 02, Testimonials Style, Blog Posts, Bubble Features, Saasland Navbar, Text Button with Icon, Call to Action, Circle Counter, Client Logos, Date Countdown, Stats counter, Domain Search form, Download Section, Event Schedule Tabs, FAQ with Tabs, Features, Features Tabs, Features (Vertical), Features with Image (Dark), Features with Image (White), Features with Shapes (Dark), Hero Mobile, Hero Section, Hero SEO, Hero Video Slides, Hero Integrations, Hero ERP, Hero CRM, Hero with Background Image widgets)
----- 3.1.3 (18 May 2020) -----
Fixed: Product quantity input increasing by 2 on RTL mode
Fixed: Download Section's button icon error
Fixed: Saasland Post Options > Banner Background image, Text color
Tweaked: Background Color Opacity field added to Saasland Post Options > Banner
Tweaked: Style Features fields added to Two Column Features widget
Tweaked: Border Color added to Normal State for Pricing Table Button (Style-One) widget
Tweaked: Button Colors added to Integrations with Button widget
Tweaked: The the product title in the Title-bar if the meta title is empty
Tweaked: Title Bar Overlay Color, Overlay Color Opacity and Background Image options added to Theme Settings > Blog Pages > Blog Single
Fixed: Call to Action (Style Five) button color conflicting issue
Fixed: Related Products title
----- 3.1.2 (04 May 2020) -----
Fixed: Some rtl styling issues
Fixed: Portfolio widget's show portfolio count number overflows to top issue
Fixed: Horizontal tab's featured image conflicts if more than one section is placed in a page.
Removed: The custom Header, Footer template system will be disappeared on Elementor pro activation
Updated: Demo contents with including the missed 3 columns portfolio pages
Tweaked: Updated the Demo landing page contents and fixed some some styling issues
Tweaked: Some more css files minified
----- 3.1.1 (30 April 2020) -----
Fixed: Some rtl styling issues
Fixed: Navbar Type not appear issue
----- 3.1.0 (30 April 2020) -----
Tweaked: Job and Portfolio settings moved to Theme Settings > Custom Post Types
Tweaked: Theme Settings page style
Tweaked: Improved loading speed by minified some CSS files
Tweaked: Menu responsive
Tweaked: The custom Header, Footer template system will be disappeared on Elementor pro activation
New: Navbar Type settings added to Theme Settings > Header > Header Content
New: Mobile Menu settings added to Theme Settings > Menu > Mobile Menu
New: The Saasland Demo Landing page added to oneclick demo import
Fixed: Onepage navigation issue on individual page
Fixed: MailChimp form Style 5 not working
----- 3.0.9 (23 April 2020) -----
Fixed: Single Service Page (Banner Show/Hide Option) Not Working
Fixed: Service Widget - Style One (Icon BG Color Not Working)
Fixed: Elementor Pro Navbar widget styling settings not working. To fix this issue, you need to disable the Mega Menu feature from Theme Settings > Custom Post Types
Fixed: Testimonial With Rating (Style Two) Previous Button Not Working Properly
Fixed: OnePage demo homepage, App 01 homepage, App 02 homepage, Chat homepage, Event homepage, Software Dark homepage styling issues on RTL mode
New: Typing words effect added to Hero Chat and Hero Event sections
Tweaked: Embed Map Widget Icon Color change fields added
----- 3.0.8 (14 April 2020) -----
Fixed: Contact Form Button color not changing from the Accent color settings
Fixed: Service Featured Icon colors not changing issue
Fixed: Service Featured Icon not showing
Fixed: The "Website Footer" widget
New: Added the missing Service Attributes section in the Service Options metabox
Tweaked: "FAQ" Elementor widget (Order filter option added)
----- 3.0.7 (13 April 2020) -----
Fixed: Register/Verify form works after reload the page
Fixed: A critical PHP error
Fixed: Hero Digital Marketing layout
Tweaked: Title Tag field added for the Title in "Hero Mobile" Elementor widget
----- 3.0.6 (10 April 2020) -----
Tweaked: Code structure of Saasland Theme and Saasland Core plugin
Tweaked: Autoload enabled for Elementor widgets by Saasland Core plugin
Tweaked: Job apply page (no need to add any class with the Job Apply form shortcode from this version)
Tweaked: Contact Form 7's Select field style
Tweaked: Hero (Parallax Images) widget (Section Background color field added)
New: Typed words effect added to all Hero sections
New: Page Options added to Service post type
Fixed: Image Icon Not Working - "Icon Boxes" Widget
Fixed: Banner overlay color with image option
Fixed: FAQ show some limited posts per tab
Fixed: Call to Action (Style Six) color options
Fixed: Subscribe Form (Style Six) Button Color
Fixed: Some responsive issues (Features section in Home-Chat page)
Fixed: Agency Colorful Demo (Icon Issue)
----- 3.0.5 (31 March 2020) -----
Fixed: Product gallery images thumbnails overflows to right side.
Fixed: Custom post type slug change settings for Service and Case Study post type
Fixed: Video icon moving on hover on Video post format
Fixed: "Hero Section" Elementor widget (Style_02 button settings)
Fixed: Image Icon Not Working - "Icon Boxes" Widget
Fixed: Author name repeats as the post count by the author.
Fixed: "Horizontal Tabs" Elementor widget Tabs not working while more than one section used in a page
Tweaked: "Hero Section" Elementor widget (widget files structure changed. Moved to widgets/hero folder and used select2 type for Style control field)
Tweaked: Elementor widget "Saasland Carousels" - Style 02 Carousel Rows
Tweaked: Portfolio Elementor widget (filter count option added)
Tweaked: "Testimonial with Ratting" Elementor widget (Style 04)
Updated: wooCommerce outdated template files
New: Carousel Settings added in the Elementor widget "Saasland Carousels"
New: Demo Landing page included in the demo data (check it in the theme package folder/demo_contents/elementor_templates)
----- 3.0.4 (20 March 2020) -----
Fixed : Hero Section (Style 09) - Background Slide show images not showing properly
Fixed: Event Homepage responsive issues
Fixed: Screen Features (Style One) - Reverse Column Not Working
Tweaked: Hero Section (Style 09) Gallery field added instead of the previous repeater field for the background images.
Tweaked: The Onepage demo
----- 3.0.3 (19 March 2020) -----
Fixed: Navbar Elementor widget issues (fullwidth layout, infinite loop on canvas page template, action buttons spacing)
Fixed: Some styling issues caused by the previous version
Fixed: Image alt attribute not showing on Agency Colorful page
Fixed: Animation on Agency Colorful page
Fixed: Display only the admin name instead of showing the different Author name on the Author page's Title-bar
Fixed: Color options do not work from Theme Settings while the Child Theme activated
Tweaked: Hero Section (Style 04 - Dark) action button
----- 3.0.2 (13 March 2020) -----
Tweaked: Header, Footer, Mega Menu excluded from the search result page
Tweaked: Hero Integration Elementor widget (color fields are added for changing the section background color).
Tweaked: Saasland Page Options > Banner Settings (Added fields- Background Type, Shape Image, Overlay Color)
Fixed: Hero Section - Style Two (background color not changing issue)
----- 3.0.1 (10 March 2020) -----
Tweaked: Custom header now works from Page Options
Tweaked: Title Tag change option added to Hero Integration Elementor widget
Tweaked: Portfolio Elemntor widget
New: Job attribute icon color change option added in Saasland Job Options
Fixed: PHP errors (on earlier than WordPress 5.2.0 version, Saasland_signup_form.php 113 number line)
Fixed: Animation issue
Fixed: Sticky Menu active color not changing issue
----- 3.0.0 (14 February 2020) -----
Fixed: Custom header hide option from Page Options > Banner
Fixed: Features Elementor widget error
Fixed: Footer background settings
Fixed: App Hero Elementor widget buttons
New: Button Box Shadow option added to Call to Action with Image Elementor widget
New: Normal/Onepage Menu option added to the Saasland Page Options
Tweaked: The header.php file (re-organized the coding structure of header.php)
Tweaked: Background color field added to the Features with Shapes (Dark) Elementor widget
Tweaked: Minified some CSS files
Tweaked: Action button show in menu on mobile device

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