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----- 2.2.9 (07 February 2020) -----
Fixed: Critical PHP errors cased by the previous version 2.2.8
----- 2.2.8 (04 February 2020) -----
Fixed: Some responsive issues
Fixed: Pricing Table - Style Two - button color issue
Fixed: Pricing Table 02 - URL target, nofollow settings
Fixed: Some rtl issues
Fixed: Custom header title
Tweaked: Disabled the Mega Menu post type archive
New: Read More text change option added to Theme Settings > Blog Settings > Blog Archive
----- 2.2.7 (30 January 2020) -----
Fixed: Color options (issue: accent color is not changing on the shop pages)
Fixed: MailChimp Subscribe Form not working issue
Fixed: Shop banner background image not showing issue
Fixed: Some styling and responsive issue
----- 2.2.6 (22 January 2020) -----
New: "Use Sticky Logo Only" option added in Theme Settings > Blog Settings > Header
New: "Sticky Menu Color" option added in Page Options
New: Select Menu list option added to the "Navbar" Elementor widget
New: Style Number fields group added to the "Process" Elementor widget
Tweaked: Made the Recent Post widget's post thumbnail image clickable
Fixed: Some responsive issues
Fixed: Screen Features Elementor widget's icon color field and added the Margin Around Title field
----- 2.2.5 (09 January 2020) -----
New: Post Title Character Length field added in Recent Posts widget
New: Custom Post types enable/disable settings (Located in Theme Settings > Custom Post Types > Post Types)
New: Envato purchase verification added
New: Banner Options added to Portfolio single page
New: Text Color added to Banner Options (under Saasland page options)
New: Product Options (Header Options, Page Options, Banner Options) added to single Product page
Fixed: Home Analytics Software demo import issue
Fixed: wooCommerce checkout fields customizer settings
Fixed: Saasland Elementor widget style not getting in Footer template on blog pages
Fixed: woCommerce Update Cart button not working on RTL mode
Fixed: Custom Footer styling issue on blog, single pages
Fixed: Update Cart Button not working on RTL mode
Tweaked: Theme size reduced (kept the demo contents on our server).
Tweaked: Color settings (Job listing color, cart icon color will get from Accent color settings)
----- 2.2.2 (24 December 2019) ----- 
Fixed: Version changelogs notice
----- 2.2.1 (19 December 2019) -----
Fixed: Thumbnail Mega Menu scrolling issue
Fixed: Pricing Table 02 Elementor widget's Style 01 duration field missing.
Fixed: Hero Video Slides (located on the Home Digital Agency page) responsive issue
Fixed: "Stats Counter" Elementor widget counting issue
Fixed: wooCommerce checkout page field settings issue
Tweaked: Anchor tag will not show if title url is empty in "Features" Elementor widget
----- 2.2.0 (16 December 2019) -----
New: Chat Homepage
New: Event Homepage
New: Style 12 (Chat) added to "Hero Section" Elementor widget
New: Style 13 (Event) added to "Hero Section" Elementor widget
New: "Parallax Images" Elementor widget
New: "Date Countdown" Elementor widget
New: Style Two (Carousel) added to "Team" Elementor widget
New: Style Five (Event) added to "Pricing Table" Elementor widget
New: Style Two added to "Curve counter" Elementor widget
New: "Event Schedule Tabs" Elementor widget
Tweaked: Time Tracking Software homepage design changed
----- 2.1.0 (01 December 2019) -----
New: Security Software demo
New: Tracking Software demo
Tweaked: Split page responsive
Fixed: Saasland Child theme style issues
----- 2.0.7 (29 November 2019) -----
Tweaked: Comments (awaiting moderation comment, used Comment Walker class instead of the previous callback function.)
Tweaked: WooCommerce Checkout page style improved
Tweaked: Performance improved (set dependency for nice select plugin's JS, CSS files and split the shop.css with creating a individual CSS file checkout.css for checkout page)
Tweaked: "Button with Icon" Elementor widget (hover color change option added and some more icon libraries added)
Tweaked: "Serialized Features" ELementor widget (separator color change option added)
Fixed: Saasland OnePage demo's floating elements not not showing in Safari browser.
Fixed: "Call to Action" Elementor widget's background color
Fixed: Revolution Slider not importing on Web Hosting demo
Fixed: Checkout fields required/optional (name field make required and the company field required status gets from the Settings)
----- 2.0.5 (20 November 2019) -----
New: "Saasland Carousels" Elementor widgets with 6 different styles
New: Service Details Page
New: Saasland Child version 1.1.2 (CSS enqueue issue fixed)
Tweaked: "Process" Elementor widget (improved color options and icon box shadow option added)
Tweaked: "Call to Action" Elementor widget (button color changing options for Style 03)
Tweaked: "Saasland Testimonials" Elementor widget (accent color change option added)
Tweaked: "Horizontal Tabs" Elementor widget (color change options added for Style One)
Tweaked: Menu Settings (hamburger menu color)
Tweaked: "Features" Elementor widget (Style Read More options added for Style 02)
Fixed: Product single page (php error fixed)
Fixed: Malware detected js file (multiscroll) replaced with the valid js file
Removed: Blog Grid Elementor widget (since you can make it from Theme Settings > Blog Settings)
Updated: Advanced Custom Fields-pro to Version 5.8.7

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