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This Directorist plugin has been used for creating all the listing elements that come with the Dlisting-Real Estate WordPress theme, and it’s required for creating listings for rentals and real estate sales.

Before getting started, here is the official installation guide from Directorist.

To start adding listing items head over to WordPress Dashboard > Directory Listings > Add New Listing. From Add New Listing insert your item’s details beginning with the title, image, and description.

This will initialize the listing process. Now to add additional content to your listing scroll down below, first up you can select between Listing Type from the Listing Information section. For this example, we’ll be setting it to for-rent. You also have the option to add pricing from the General Section right below.

Next up to add Images & Video to the listing, for this you’ll have the option to upload an image directly to the listing and link a video to it.

You also have more additional information sections such as you can add a Map to your listing, Contact Information, Amenities, Property Details, etc.

When you’re done, make sure to hit Publish.


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