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Follow these simple steps to create a working forum with your DDoc – documentation WordPress theme.

Step 1

Install & activate the bbPress plugin from WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New & search for the bbPress plugin.

bbPress plugin installation

Step 2

Now to create a Forum thread head over to WordPRess Dashboard > Forums > Add New, from here give a title to your forum, and select between options such as forum type, status, visibility, etc. You also have the option to assign forum moderators from this menu.

Newly created blocks

Step 3

Now to start topics under the forums, visit the forum you’d like to start a topic and fill in all the required fields such as topic title, description, mail, name/user id.

When you’re done creating a topic, press Submit to make it live.

And to verify, if your forum is working as intended or not, open up a private browser and visit the forum thread.

DDoc - Forum menu

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