Required Plugins

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The following plugins are required/recommended for the Carspa WordPress theme to work properly:

  1. Carspa Core*: Some custom posts, Elementor widgets, and some WordPress custom widgets are included in this plugin. You need to install this plugin with Carspa. Actually, this plugin is the heart of the theme.
  2. Template Library and Redux Framework*: Theme Settings are dependent on this plugin.
  3. Elementor*: All of the theme sections and pages are built with Elementor. You need to install this plugin to get Carspa’s Elementor widgets.
  4. Advanced Custom Fields*: You need to install this plugin. All the page/post-related settings (ex. page settings, banner settings, portfolio settings, service icon settings, etc.) are dependent on this plugin.
  5. Droit Elementor Addons*: This plugin expands upon Elementor’s existing feature set with more widgets, modules, and features.
  6. WooCommerce*: You need this plugin to set up a storefront on your WordPress website.
  7. Droit Dark Mode*: You need this plugin to enable dark mode on your WordPress website.
  8. One Click Demo Import: You can import the demo contents with this plugin. You need to install this plugin before trying to import the demo content.
WordPress Dashboard - installed plugin

Note: The ( * ) marked plugins are the required plugins for the Carspa theme. You must install these plugins alongside Carspa for it to work properly. And other plugins are recommended. You can get all of these plugins from Appearance > Install Plugins.


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