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Coro Page Option will give you extra flexibility and facility to make your pages even more stunning and user friendly. Page Options override the “Theme Options” to allow extreme control over each page or post. The “Theme options” are global, and “page options” are individual. This setup gives you amazing creative flexibility¬†that becomes indispensable when you start creating your site.

Coro Page Option UI

Exploring Coro Page Option

Header: In the “Header” area, you will find the following feature to customize the individual pages;

  1. Changing the site logos (Main and Sticky)
  2. Header Layout (ex, Box Layout, Full Width, and Wide Layout)
  3. Header Style (Select Different Header Style for the Specific Pages)
  4. Aligning Menu Items (ex, Left, Center, and Right)
  5. Page Header Top-Bar (Top Header)
  6. Menu Items Color Option (for the individual pages)
  7. Hamburger Menu Color Option (ex, Mobile Menu Color Settings)

Banner: In the “Banner” section, you can add, remove or change the current “title-bar” banner (background image/illustration). Even, you can disable the banner for particular pages if you want.

Coro Page Option | Banner Area

Footer: Here, you can enable/disable the footer for separate pages. Also, you can set the footer style as like changing the header style.

Coro Page Option | Footer Area

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